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The Newest Trends in Green Building Attract Homebuyers

The Newest Trends in Green Building Attract Homebuyers

While green building technologies have been around for quite some time, not everyone has embraced the technologies involved. However, homebuyers, and even business owners, are beginning to recognize the benefits of green building strategies, suggesting trend-savvy contractors are likely to think seriously about how utilizing green building materials and techniques can improve their bottom lines. That’s why exploring the Newest Trends in Green Building is increasingly important.

Why is the Newest Trends in Green Building Moving to the Forefront?

Society is evolving, with more people than ever becoming conscious of how their use of resources impacts not only their lives but the lives of others as well. Traditional building techniques tend to over utilize non-sustainable materials while, at the same time, incorporate products that do little to enhance a building’s interior air quality. Of course, that’s an oversimplification, but it points up the fact that Connecticut Green Building strategies consider the impact of materials used not only today, but for the future.

What Elements are Stressed by Green Builders?


Construction is about more than the materials used to build a home or business building. Green builders work with clients to design and construct buildings that also consider the interior environment and how different materials and techniques can enhance life. The considerations include, but are not limited to:


  • Enhancing Energy Efficiency. Everything from a building’s orientation on a site to the type of flooring used impacts a home’s energy use. Green building techniques match the home’s style and the owner’s goals with materials designed to minimize energy consumption.
  • Improving Indoor Air Quality. Improving indoor air quality is now a major goal of contractors and homeowners. Off-gassing and other concerns can be avoided when materials are carefully selected. Whether building a new home or renovating an existing structure, green building materials are always the best choice for improving the quality of indoor air.
  • Considering the Source of Materials. While some materials available may be environmentally friendly in use, their manufacture and distribution could be less than environmentally sound. Are raw materials used in the production or is the use of recycled materials a priority? In addition, shipping products around the country uses valuable resources. Locally-produced products often provide more environmentally-sound solutions.
  • Stressing the Conservation of Water and Other Resources. Designing a building to minimize the use of water and other natural resources is important. Solar or wind power use, water-conserving appliances, and cutting back on the size of a home all save resources.


Obviously, there are other considerations as well. Each project will have unique strategies available to minimize the impact of the construction on the environment. The newest trends in Green building techniques are also evolving continuously; suggesting builders are learning new techniques and improving existing ones to meet their clients’ needs and expectations.

Are Some Material Choices More Important Than Others?

That’s not an easy question to answer since projects in various areas of Connecticut may have different issues that must be factored into the overall equation. For example, windows and doors are important considerations for any project, but the best solutions for one project may not be realistic for another. Budget considerations are also important, suggesting some compromises might have to be made. However, the goal should still be to minimize the environmental impact of any project.

While not all contractors are on board yet with using green building strategies, more are discovering the advantages every day. With the public’s increasing awareness of environmental issues, the trend toward using environmentally sound building practices is likely to continue, and even grow, in the future. Contractors expanding their acceptance of the newest trends in Green Building in Connecticut will enjoy the advantages as much as their clients.

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