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Green-Aware Construction Management Delivers Concrete Benefits to Owners

Green-Aware Construction Management Delivers Concrete Benefits to Owners

Green-Aware Construction Management can do a lot more than confer LEED certification and the associated bragging rights. Greening a construction project will cut operating costs for owners and deliver real benefits to users with everything from access to natural light to improved air quality and thermal control.

The Beacon Projects Group makes the identification of opportunities for greening a core part of the construction management process. Right from the start, our experts identify and evaluate ways of greening any project, from the use of environmentally friendly building materials to a focus on more energy-efficient construction methods.

While the well-established LEED process provides valuable structure and guidance, The Beacon Projects Group also prioritizes the project owner’s interests with every decision, piece of advice, and management activity. The result is greener construction that delivers tangible, appreciable results of particularly valuable kinds.

Green Planning Sets the Stage For Efficient Construction Management

Whether engaged as an owner’s representative in Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, or Rhode Island, The Beacon Projects Group looks from the beginning to enhance construction projects through the use of particularly suitable green building designs, materials, and processes. This will often involve the development of facility and energy master plans that make greening a top priority by:


  • Reducing Ongoing Water Consumption
  • Improving Indoor Air Quality
  • Making Energy-Efficient, Workplace-Enhancing Use of Natural Light
  • Pursuing Other, LEED-Focused Energy and Material Usage Goals


Involving The Beacon Projects Group early on in the process helps ensure that every such opportunity will be identified and assessed in the context of the project owner’s other interests along with the likely effects on end users throughout the life-cycle of a contemplated project. It takes plenty of experience and professional judgment to accurately analyze such equations, but doing so early on means being better prepared as the process moves forward. As a result, project owners can expect environmentally friendly construction that delivers concrete, direct benefits of other kinds as a matter of course.

Greening the Details of Construction Management

While environmentally informed planning is the foundation of successful green construction, management of the work that follows matters just as much. The Beacon Projects Group consistently demonstrates great capability at pursuing greening-related goals while carrying out the full range of other construction management duties, including:


  • Working with Contractors to Uphold Green Commitments: Having strong plans in place will always be important, but compliance with greening goals among the many participants in a project is never to be taken for granted. Working as an owner’s representative, The Beacon Projects Group ensures that all parties are on board and have the necessary skills, education, and resources to follow through on their greening-related duties, as with their other commitments.


  • Identifying and Accounting for Greening-Related Challenges: Strategic greening inevitably delivers a net balance upon project completion, but arriving at that point will almost always mean needing to overcome some related hurdles in the process. By being aware of these and planning early on as to how best to surmount them, The Beacon Projects Group keeps greening-derived costs to a minimum, further improving the overall equation.


  • Ensuring that Greening Work Never Conflicts With Other Goals: Whether in terms of dragging on a schedule, inflating construction costs, or other dangers, greening construction can also pose real dangers to the unaware. With an extensive body of institutional experience at preventing problems of these kinds and many other, The Beacon Projects Group keeps even the most ambitious of green projects on track at all times.


  • Vetting and Inspecting Greening-Related Results: Some green construction projects fall short of their goals, with setbacks and concessions made along the way diminishing the final results. In addition to keeping such issues from arising through diligent, effective oversight and management, The Beacon Projects Group is always ready to inspect and assess green-oriented results when the moment arrives, as with every other facet of construction.

Greening Delivers Real Benefits to Project Owners, Users, and Others

While the headline goal of most construction greening efforts tends to be reducing environmental impact as a way of supporting the common good, concrete benefits accrue to project owners and end users. That becomes particularly true when an owner’s representative like The Beacon Projects Group is ready to make sure that those interests are appreciated and valued to the extent that they deserve.

Project owners can expect lowered costs over the whole course of a new building’s life cycle with informed, accurate analysis at the planning stages and properly managed work making these savings certain. Users benefit from improved work environments or living or shopping spaces with natural light, clean, fresh air, and comfortable temperatures enhancing productivity and the basic enjoyment of the building.

As a result, project owners benefit further from the possession of an especially desirable asset. Whether in terms of being a more competitive option on the market or by helping to build a reputation for quality and environmental friendliness, a strategically greened project will deliver tangible rewards to its owner. Recognizing this and understanding how to enable it at every stage of the process, The Beacon Projects Group consistently helps project owners secure LEED certification and much more.


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