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Going Green With a Connecticut LEED AP Consultant

Going Green With a Connecticut LEED AP Consultant

New construction projects, or even updating of existing buildings, are becoming increasingly controversial in an age when a growing number people are concerned about environmental issues related to construction practices. A Connecticut LEED AP consultant offer the expertise to construct and maintain buildings designed to provide a healthy workplace and, at the same time, utilize construction strategies developed to minimize the building’s environmental impact. Green building techniques are at the heart of the LEED’s philosophy, with trained consultants providing the skills to create a pleasing, healthy environment for a structure’s occupants. However, creating a healthy, environmentally-friendly environment provides additional benefits as well.

Building Owners Can Reduce Operating Costs with A Connecticut LEED AP Consultant

Green building strategies developed by a Connecticut LEED Consultant utilize specific techniques to reduce energy consumption, keeping utility costs to a minimum while not sacrificing the comfort of building occupants. Of course, minimizing energy consumption also means the structure’s carbon footprint is significantly reduced, which is a prime element considered for LEED certification.


Tenants are Attracted to Green Buildings


Simply making potential tenants aware of a structure’s CT LEED AP status often encourages them to lease space. Building tenants, as well as owners, recognize the benefit of occupying spaces designed to be environmentally sound. Class A, or even Class B, spaces are shown to be more attractive than competitors’ offerings not constructed adhering to LEED AP standards. With countries around the globe recognizing the advantages of LEED certification, even tenants from outside the United States will value the efforts put into a green construction project.


LEED Practices Enhance Building Occupants’ Health


Employers are always happy to see reductions in sick leave, and LEED certified structures create healthy environments that minimize building-related health issues. LEED certification requires design elements that improve indoor air quality. That means harmful chemicals routinely used in paints, flooring materials, and even fixtures are carefully avoided during both construction and maintenance stages.


Employers are Better Able to Recruit and Retain Employees


When potential or current employees are aware of the efforts to create and maintain indoor air quality, that knowledge is often a selling point. No one who’s ever worked in a claustrophobic, poorly vented area wants to return to that type of environment. Clean air, combined with windows to let in natural light, are strong drawing cards when recruiting or attempting to retain employees. LEED AP in Connecticut consultants are well versed in the needs of both employers and employees and strive to ensure their design concepts incorporate all stakeholders’ needs.

Investors See Improved Returns From Working With A Connecticut LEED AP Consultant


All investors are certainly interested in maximizing their return on investment. LEED certified projects are proven to provide higher returns when compared to traditionally constructed buildings. While other factors may contribute to those increased returns, even the perception that LEED certified structures enjoy greater returns is important. With public awareness of conservation issues, building owners also tend to gain recognition for their contribution to saving energy and being committed to using sustainable resources.

Frank J. Mullaney, the president of The Beacon Projects Group, has been a certified Connecticut LEED AP Consultant since 2009. Taking advantage of a LEED Accredited Professional in Connecticut like Mullaney is now routinely recognized as a crucial first step in creating a building designed to meet not only today’s environmental needs but also consider future needs as well. With the advantages of an LEED certified building being increasingly apparent, taking advantage of the strategies provides a plethora of benefits to everyone concerned. From investors to employees, all stakeholders will reap the benefits of cleaner air and knowing they are taking a step toward having a better planet.


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