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How Does Hiring a Connecticut CMAA Construction Manager Benefit You?

How Does Hiring a Connecticut CMAA Construction Manager Benefit You?

It’s been said that a construction project can succeed or fail because of two criteria: adequate funding and the experience and knowledge of the construction manager. Choosing the best construction manager for the project is critical. A CMMA Construction Manager has the proven skills needed for the successful completion of the project. It’s often recommended that a Connecticut CMAA Construction Manager be hired at the inception of the project to assist with the choice of the other critical members of the leadership team: the architect and the general contractor.


What is CMAA?

CMAA is a non-profit, professional organization that certifies construction managers who have fulfilled their rigorous criteria. A Connecticut CCM ( Certified Construction Manager) designation means that the individual has demonstrated a thorough knowledge of construction and related issues, has years of hands-on experience in the field, and possesses sound judgment. Anyone asking “what is CMAA?” can be assured that hiring a CCM means that someone has been selected who has proven that they are able to do the job with precise skill.

The CMAA Certification Process To Become A Connecticut CMAA Construction Manager

Certification of Construction Managers is based on both experience and education.

A CCM candidate must have at least four years of Construction Manager (CM) experience in the qualifying areas, including:


CM experience must have taken place in the various phases of the project as appropriate, including:


  • Pre-design
  • Design
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Post-construction

Required education (unless the candidate has 12 years of qualifying experience) would include either a:


  • four-year BA/BS or graduate qualifying degree
  • two-year AA/AS qualifying degree plus four years general design and construction experience

A qualifying degree could be in Construction Management, Engineering, or Architecture.

After passing the qualification process, the CCM candidate must pass a rigorous and comprehensive exam covering all aspects of the construction industry and management.

Connecticut CMAA Construction Manager Standards of Practice

The Construction Management Standards of Practice covers the key components of a Project Management Plan and its implementation throughout the various phases of a construction project. A CMAA certified project manager must adhere to these rigorous standards.

In general, the Construction Management Standards of Practice includes:

  • The keys goals of a project
  • What is required for the successful management of a project within this format
  • Effective cost, time and quality management
  • Contract and risk management
  • Sustainability
  • Security and safety

How Does Hiring a CMMA Construction Manager Benefit You? There are a number of ways.


  • Your brand will benefit from the consistency of an experienced leader paying attention to all of the details, ensuring that everything is a proper reflection of your brand. This is important for both new construction and remodels.
  • Each market is different. A full understanding of the local market is important for ensuring the highest quality level of the completed project.
  • There will be a qualified person serving as one point of contact throughout the project as well as facilitating communication and the resolution of any disputes.
  • The owner has a knowledgeable professional firmly on his or her side.
  • A CMAA Construction Manager will be focused on meeting schedules and keeping to the established budget, such as by keeping change orders to a minimum.

Overall, a CMAA Construction Manager works for the benefit of the owner and the project, coordinating, anticipating, and acting as the “quarterback” of the construction team.

Frank Mullaney, a Connecticut CMAA Construction Manager and the president of the Beacon Projects Group, has many years of successful experience as an outsource resource for the construction industry. His experience includes projects of all types, including the successful completion commercial, industrial, municipal, religious, institutional, and residential buildings. He is always focused on ensuring the goals of the owner are met on time and within the budget. Mr. Mullaney is also certified as a Leader in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional (LEED AP), a very important consideration when energy costs and environmental concerns are critical.

Contact Frank Mullaney of the Beacon Projects Group today to discuss your project and how he can ensure you’re satisfied with, and proud of, the completed project.


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