What Is an Owners Representative? Keeping Your Budget in Check.

What Is an Owners Representative?
What Is an Owners Representative

Many people ask, “What Is an Owners Representative?” An owner’s representative is a representative of the owner of a construction project. However, the responsibilities of an owner’s representative are not quite so simply stated.

The Beacon Projects Group’s goal is to provide oversight and coordination of a project from the owner’s perspective. Acting as the owner’s representative for your project, we will guide you every step of the way with the following invaluable services:

  • Organizing all bidding
  • Recommending a general contractor
  • Providing financial oversight
  • Keeping your budget in check
  • Ensuring work schedules are maintained
  • Providing maximum protection from contractor default and litigation

Additionally, there are many facets of construction management that are not covered in the contract for construction. The owner must move in, supply furnishings and equipment, as well as maintain all of the complex electrical, HVAC, and plumbing systems. This is where our technological acumen pays off. As your owner’s representative, you’ll receive our skilled management until well after the general contractor has gotten his last check and moved on.

As the project owner, you are interested in the final outcome of your construction project. However, as the owner, you are at a disadvantage when it comes to dealing with construction of your project, as construction is typically not a part of your daily life.Few of us have the time, patience, knowledge, or inclination to deal with the problems and frustrations associated with coordinating and managing complex projects. Despite its apparent simplicity, construction involves the coordination of a multitude of people, disciplines, materials and decisions. This creates the need for a skilled construction management professional from The Beacon Projects Group who will work to protect your interests.

Including an owner’s representative to represent your sole interests during your construction project will level the playing field. As your eyes and ears during your construction project, our proactive construction management professional will diffuse many potentially costly situations and deliver a finished project that keeps up with your requirements and expectations.

Whether you are at the conceptual planning stage or in actual construction, we can provide services that offer true benefits and savings.Please contact The Beacon Projects Group for additional information on services we provide as an owner’s representative. We look forward to discussing your project and welcome any questions regarding how we can help you.