Owners Rep Commercial Construction - On Time and On Budget

An Owners Rep Commercial Construction Has Many Benefits

Owners Rep Commercial Construction

As an owners rep in commercial construction, The Beacon Projects Group manages the project through all phases of design, administration, occupancy, and operation. Clients choose our team for commercial construction management because we take the time to understand what matters most to the success of their project. We provide independent and objective oversight to your project, dealing effectively, knowledgeably, and expeditiously with all facets of the building process.

Benefits of Commercial Construction Management

As an owner’s rep for commercial construction, there are many ways that our team provides an invaluable presence during each phase of your commercial construction project.

While providing commercial construction management, our team will:
• Offer Construction feasibility studies
• Provide budget estimates
• Maintain construction schedules
• Negotiate for financing from banks
• Prepare site-selection analysis
• Provide input on selecting an architect and/or general contractor
• Ensure election of the most energy-efficient materials and systems
• Adjudicate labor issues
• Review and approve change orders
• Facilitate turnover of building and operations to owner
• Assist with obtaining final certificate of occupancy

From per-construction to final inspections, we work tirelessly to meet your project’s objective. We approach every new project as the start of a long-term business relationship.

At The Beacon Projects Group, we provide services that offer true benefits and savings during commercial construction. Please contact our team to learn more about the services we provide as an owners rep commercial construction. Our clients continue to trust us to help their project achieve success!