CT Construction Management

 CT Construction Management and Owners Representative: The Best Solution

As a construction project gets underway, numerous tasks must be taken on. Due to the sheer scope of many of these projects, business owners often require outside assistance to ensure the project runs smoothly from start to finish. Many in this position fail to realize that different professionals take on different duties. For example, one may not know the difference between a CT Construction Management company vs Owners Representative. Understanding the role of these two professionals tends to be critical in Construction Management in CT, however, and one must learn the responsibilities of each and the role they play in the overall project.

The Role Of Each Professional

Business owners often lack the time to properly handle the oversight and coordination of projects and turn to an Owners representative to take on this job for them. The representative stands in for the owner on construction projects, offering the owner’s perspective at every stage of the process. A Connecticut Construction Manager, in contrast, serves as an agent for the developer or owner through the design and construction stages of this project.

Duties Of A Construction Management Company CT Construction Management

  • Handles budget estimates and feasibility studies
  • Conducts routine due diligence inspections
  • Creates the initial schedule for construction
  • Monitors all work in progress
  • Obtains bids from subcontractors and makes recommendations to the owner
  • Creates a cost estimate schedule and model, including project target dates
  • Oversees and manages every aspect of the construction project
  • Serves as a buffer between the owner and subcontractors
  • Determines project priorities
  • Coordinates project environmental studies and prepares the site selection analysis
  • Works with regulatory agencies at the local, state and federal level to expedite any paperwork compliance issues
  • Manages workers, both skilled and unskilled
  • Provides constructibility review services, including the analysis of documents related to the construction, to reduce any errors in field coordination

Duties Of An Owner’s Representative

  • Provides financial oversight, keeping one’s budget in check
  • Monitors work schedules to ensure they are maintained
  • Organizes all bidding
  • Functions to provide the maximum protection from contractor default and litigation
  • Recommends general contractor

How The Two Professionals Differ

The technical acumen of an Owners representative in CT pays off in the long run. This individual remains on site long after the general contractor has departed, and the representative assists during the moving process, helps to supply equipment and furnishings, and works with the owner to maintain complex building systems. The construction manager oversees all individuals and businesses involved in the project, along with determining decisions, disciplines, and materials. The owner’s representative does exactly what the title implies: represents the owner’s sole interest at every stage to ensure the playing field is level. The goal is to deliver a final product that meets the expectations and requirements of the business owner while diffusing potential costly problems.

Why Outside Help Is Needed

Business owners typically don’t oversee construction projects and, as a result, they don’t have the knowledge and skills needed to complete the job efficiently. This can lead to a number of issues, especially when multiple complex projects are undertaken at one time. The construction manager and owner’s representative have the skills and knowledge to get the job done right, on time, and within budget.

The majority of projects require both a CT Construction Manager and Owners Representative, yet hiring two individuals can be cumbersome. The Beacon Group ensures the owner’s representative takes on all duties of these two positions to eliminate this problem and ease the burdens on the client. Contact The Beacon Group today to see how they can be of help with your current projects, as doing so allows you to focus on those tasks you are better equipped to handle, such as drawing in new clients or improving customer service. The Beacon Group handles the construction project so you can do exactly this.