CT Construction Administrator or Owners Representative-Which Is Right for Your Project?

CT Construction Administrator or Owners Representative-Which Is Right for Your Project?

When a company takes on a new construction project, numerous tasks must be completed in a short period of time. One decision the business owner must make is whether to go with a company that specializes in CT construction administration vs Owners Representative. Understanding the differences between these two professionals will make the decision process easier. Following is what one must know about each professional, the duties they take on and how to go about making this critical decision.

Duties of a Construction Administrator

  • Aids in the selection and fee negotiation of design professionals
  • Monitors the work site at all times
  • Connects with the architect during the planning stages and the subcontractors once construction begins
  • Makes recommendations regarding certain problems or issues that arise with work phasing, field conditions and site logisticsCT Construction Administrator
  • Facilitates efficient communication and collaboration amongst all parties involved in the project
  • Provides value engineering, cost reduction and quality control
  • Plans and prepares the project building site
  • Obtains required licenses and permits
  • Works with regulatory agencies at the local, state and federal levels
  • Assists in the streamlining of various processes in the planning, construction and move-in phases to ensure completion dates are met
  • Estimates construction costs and creates a budgeting process
  • Negotiates all contracts relating to the project
  • Ensures focus remains on goals and priorities to make certain the project is successfully completed
  • Select services and trades

Duties of The Owner’s Representative

  • Organizes any bidding related to the project
  • Ensures the work schedules are followed
  • Handles financial oversight of the project
  • Works to protect the business owner from contractor default and/or litigation
  • Monitors the budget to keep it in check
  • Recommends a general contractor for the project

The Benefits Of Using An Owner’s Representative

When one chooses to work with an owner’s representative in lieu of a Connecticut Construction Administrator, they find that all tasks are covered, yet the owner’s representative takes on more duties. The construction administrator handles his or her duties and then moves on to the next project. When one opts for an owner’s representative, he or she remains on site for a longer period of time. Once construction is complete, many tasks need to be handled. This includes moving into the new location and maintaining complex building systems, such as the HVAC and plumbing systems. The owner’s representative handles these jobs and many others so the business owner can focus on other duties only he or she can tackle.

The owner’s representative works to safeguard the interests of the business owner and takes on many responsibilities. He or she handles any problems which arise and has the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to do so efficiently. This helps to level the playing field as the representative functions as the owner and makes all decisions based on what the owner would want to ensure the project is successfully delivered in a timely manner. The construction administrator doesn’t take on tasks such as this. They focus on one aspect only and that is construction. Everything else becomes the responsibility of the business owner.

When a company finds they are in need of CT construction administrator, many choose to work with The Beacon Group. This company understands all aspects of CT Construction Management and offers assistance as an Owners representative in CT. By combining these two positions, The Beacon Group eases the process for clients, as they only have one professional to coordinate with before, during and after the construction phase. There are numerous other benefits of going this route that you should consider. You’ll find The Beacon Group handles all of your needs as they have done so for numerous clients in the past.