How Construction Cost Consulting For CT Business Can Keep Your Project On Budget

How Construction Cost Consulting For CT Business Can Keep Your Project On Budget

One of the major problems in the construction industry is the failure of projects to proceed or be completed because they are over budget. Substantial time and money can be invested in drawing up plans and negotiating with the authorities until approval is finally granted. However, when the bids are received and totaled, it’s discovered that the project is over budget before the first shovelful of dirt has been removed. Alternatively, a project can blow up when a catastrophically expensive oversight is discovered. Our goal is to apply our expertise in construction cost consulting so your project is able to successfully completed on cost consulting

The Beacon Projects Group has twenty years of experience as an outsource resource for a wide range of construction projects. Our deep breadth of experience in the construction industry brings valuable insight to Construction Cost Consulting For Connecticut Business. Our mission, as a CT Cost Consulting Firm, is to help owners and architects determine the feasibility of a particular building project.

Construction cost consulting services require an intense examination of all aspects of the project, offering estimates and advice on keeping your project within the budget. In general, our role is performed in the following areas.

Conflicts of Interest are Eliminated

Any perceived conflicts of interest between any potential bidders and the project team are eliminated. We are very sensitive to retaining a strictly objective viewpoint.

Construction Cost Estimates

We utilize our construction experience in the compilation of accurate construction cost estimates. We examine all aspects thoroughly to ensure each element of the project has been thoroughly defined and is included in the estimates. We’re well aware that any overlooked items in the construction process will be devastating to the budget and employ our expertise to the greatest degree possible to ensure nothing is forgotten. Our team makes sure each element of the project is in alignment with the available funds.

The Bidding Process

The team intensively studies each competitive bid, evaluating the bids against the final estimate. We are continuously engaged in the estimating process to avoid disappointingly high prices when the bids are opened. Our goal is always to keep the project within the designated budget.

Expert Third-Party Advice

At all times, we remain in close communication with the owner and architect, offering our best, well-considered advice regarding Cost Consulting Projects in CT.

Consulting with Those Responsible for Various Elements of the Project

Our team will consult with all parties in charge of different aspects of the project, including:

  • Development of the site;
  • Utilities;
  • All structural systems;
  • The exterior envelope systems;
  • All of the finish components;
  • Any special equipment that will be required.

Site Selection

We examine and evaluate the site whether this is a new construction project or an addition to an existing building.

Review Prices

We monitor prices through the duration of the process, determining whether they are too high—or too low—even after the fact.

The Beacon Projects Group is considered one of the premiere Cost Consulting Companies in CT. Our decades of combined construction experience give us a unique insight into construction cost consulting. Every project, no matter the size, involves a multitude of people, disciplines, and materials, creating inevitable delays and disputes. We are aware of these factors when determining the feasibility of the project, based upon our experience in the industry.

Contact The Beacon Projects Group and schedule a meeting with our team to learn more about how we can protect your interests and the contributions we can make to the successful, on-budget completion of your project.