Constructability Reviews

Constructability Reviews in ConnecticutConstructability Reviews in Connecticut

The Beacon Projects Group can act as a third party to preform Constructability Reviews in Connecticut for issues such as accuracy, completeness and systems’ coordination before contractors are invited to bid on a project. During a review we identify these aspects:

Potential coordination problems including those among subcontractors
Missed details
Time delays
Possible liability

The project plan, including specifications for each building system, is reviewed as a separate item and also as part of the whole project, and involves:

Assessing the ease or difficulty of implementing the proposed design
Checking for any inconsistencies
Suggesting alternative materials or design details in order to be more cost effective
Recommending specification changes when those proposed could limit competition or cause delivery delays
Ensuring comprehensiveness and accuracy of documentation to encourage more responsive and complete bids
The primary objective is to eliminate any possible coordination problems before initiating construction.