The Importance of Connecticut Construction Scheduling Services

The Importance of Connecticut Construction Scheduling Services

Connecticut Construction Scheduling Services benefit your company in a number of ways. When you turn to The Beacon Projects Group for this task, you’ll find you achieve greater efficiency on your project and enjoy cost savings at each stage. As your construction scheduling consultant in Connecticut, The Beacon Projects Group becomes responsible for establishing a timetable for project activities as well as matching labor, material, and equipment resources with these tasks and more. With this schedule, you will find you reduce or eliminate any project bottlenecks and ensure materials are delivered in a timely manner. As a result, the project comes in on time and within budget.

Construction Scheduling in Connecticut requires your project manager determine what tasks must be done to complete the project. In addition, he or she estimates the amount of time required for each task and how the various tasks need to be organized. This scheduling must take place for each phase of the project, from the design to the final walk through with the client. As the schedule is established, a framework for the entire project is constructed, one that each person working on the project can follow, review and provide feedback on. Any questions you have may be clarified and modifications made where needed. We at The Beacon Projects Group work with you to ensure this schedule is one that will work for all taking part in the project. Connecticut Construction Scheduling Services

The Beacon Projects Group makes use of formal scheduling procedures to forecast when various work activities need to be completed. This involves determining the duration of each activity, the time frame needed for completion of the task and the sequence in which these activities need to be done. With this information, a network of activities will be developed, one that shows different projects being completed simultaneously. Software becomes of great help in completing the schedule, as it helps to determine which activities will take longer. They then become the critical path of this schedule, the activities determine the duration of the project, and they are referred to as critical because any delay in these tasks will lead to a delay in the overall project. Our scheduling consultant understands this and makes the identification of these tasks a top priority.

We utilize construction scheduling best practices when developing this schedule. With the help of the schedule, a road map for the project objectives is completed. This road map includes:


Building quality level


Long-lead items identification


Procedures establishment


Target date for occupancy


Schedules for delivery and fabrication


Monthly project expenditures for cash flow projections


Due date for budget


Construction sequence


Materials delivery and subcontractors activity periods


Bad weather interruptions allowance


Construction scheduling is only one task that The Beacon Projects Group takes on. Frank Mullaney, our construction scheduling consultant, works with others in the organization to help you move through the complexities of the construction process to ensure your goals are met with total satisfaction and minimal disruption. Mr. Mullaney also serves as the president of our organization and has been certified as a Leadership In Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional (LEED AP). This certification shows he understands the design, construction, and operation of green buildings and will bring this knowledge to your project. Contact us today for your Connecticut construction scheduling and planning as well as any other construction needs.