Why Every Business Should Invest In A Connecticut Construction Energy Audit

Why Every Business Owner Needs to Look into Connecticut Construction Energy Audit Services

Successful organizations understand the need for Connecticut Construction Energy Audit Services, as these audits function to identify ways to manage energy expenditures. In most cases, an analysis of the current energy usage in a building is undertaken to help keep these costs under control, and many organizations choosing to take this step find they can reduce these expenses by as much as 40 percent. Although business owners hear about various ways to cut costs in this area, what works for one organization may not be beneficial to another. For this reason, it’s best to leave the commercial energy audit in Connecticut to our team here at The Beacon Projects Group.

When a customer requests an energy audit in Connecticut, they receive more than just a listing of what steps should be taken to improve the energy efficiency of their building. A business owner may find they need to prioritize these improvements, doing them over time as opposed to all at once. For this reason, the list of recommended improvements is accompanied by a financial analysis of the cost savings expected with each improvement and the cost of the project. This enables the business owner to determine the order in which these improvements will be completed. For projects under construction, the owner determines which to incorporate into the construction and which to add at a later date.

How A Connecticut Construction Energy Audit Differs From Residential Audit

A Connecticut construction energy audit differs greatly from a residential audit in that insulation and weatherproofing are less of a concern with a commercial audit. Here, the inspector evaluates the heating and cooling systems, production equipment and lighting, as these tend to be the areas that use the majority of the energy in an organization. In addition, the audit focuses on those areas of most concern to you, as you know your business better than anyone else.Connecticut Construction Energy Audit

You determine the level of information provided by the audit also. We understand that you may want a benchmark study conducted to determine if further analysis needs to be completed. Others want an auditor to walk through and make a list of improvements that are both simple and low-cost. In addition, you may request that a list of energy conservation measures be provided. This will help if a detailed audit is requested. The detailed audit is what most prefer as it provides the highest level of information and provides the greatest cost savings. Speak to The Beacon Projects Group to determine which level of audit will be of most benefit to you. How is the process undertaken once this has been determined?


Professional mechanical and electric engineers conduct CT energy audits, surveying and analyzing electrical and mechanical systems, including:


Exhaust systems, pumps, and fans
Support systems and auxiliary equipment
Ventilation, heating, and air conditioning systems
Current conservation measures
Usage patterns on existing energy bills to identify potential savings
Modifications need to reduce operating costs and improve efficiency
Control strategies and equipment currently in place
Field tests of the power supply along with related environmental conditions



We here at The Beacon Projects Group are committed to providing clients with the information they need to make decisions that truly benefit their businesses. We communicate promptly with you to ensure you understand the process involved in a Connecticut construction energy audit for commercial buildings and why the recommendations are being made. Our goal is to ensure you are completely satisfied when the project is over. If you aren’t satisfied for any reason, our president, Frank Mullaney, would like to know why and what we can do to rectify the situation. Your satisfaction is always our top priority.