Beacon Projects Group Helps New Haven Architect And Developer Win The Connecticut Preservation Award

Beacon Projects Group Helps New Haven Architect And Developer Win The Connecticut Preservation Award

The 2013 Connecticut Preservation Award was presented in March to Bob and Susan Frew of Frew-Lovell LLC for their restoration of the abandoned Lovell School in a federal historic district of New Haven, Connecticut. The Beacon Projects Group, acting as owner’s representative for Frew-Lovell LLC, assisted in the oversight the restoration of the 1888 school building to create 18 completely green sustainable apartments.

Most of the interior was restored. Wood floors were refinished, blackboards were removed and cleaned so as to be used as kitchen countertops, interior wood moldings were saved and restored, paneled natural doors were saved and rehung with guidance from the city’s fire marshall and metal ceilings were saved. Windows were replaced to meet current energy standards and to compliment the building’s character. The process for cleaning and repainting the gloomy dark brown brick exterior was carefully monitored by the state Historic Preservation Office.

Lovell  House

The Beacon Projects Group prepared a probable-cost estimates to repair and renovate the existing three-story building, which included all necessary site and energy improvements, materials, abatement, demolition, remedial structural repairs, building entrance upgrades, roof, decking and other exterior improvements, demising interior walls and finishes, installation of an elevator, electrical, HVAC and fire sprinkler systems plus all costs associated with design, insurance and contingencies.

In addition to the probable-cost estimate, as owner’s representative for Frew-Lovell Beacon Projects provided feasibility services, acted as liaison between owner and bank and managed monthly requisitions and loan negotiations. Beacon Projects Group’s experience as an accredited LEED AP was an asset to Frew-Lovell LLC in the research of energy sources and sustainable materials.

The Beacon Projects Group is an outsource for green construction services and, in addition to offering owner’s representation, provides project and construction management, expert witness services, value engineering, scheduling, constructability reviews and energy audits.