Beacon Earns 2011 Design Award of Honor From the Connecticut Green Building Council

The Beacon Projects Group Earns 2011 Design Award of Honor From the Connecticut Green Building Council

The Connecticut Green Building Council has presented its Green Building Award of Honor to the owners of a historic residence in Greenwich, Connecticut that involved the Beacon Projects Group as owners’ representative.The project set an example in green building and restoration practices while ensuring a return to its former magnificence.The initial project was simply general restoration of the home, originally built in 1906, the creation of a rear extension to allow construction of an enclosed staircase ascending from the basement to the third floor as well as the installation of an ADA-compliant elevator between the basement and second floor. The extension was also to include a wine cellar and the creation of additional bathrooms.

Beacon Earns 2011 Design Award


However, during the restoration portion of the project, The Beacon Projects Group managers identified an immediate need to improve the building’s energy efficiency through both passive and dynamic systems. To that end the company undertook to reduce gas usage by 80 percent and electricity usage by 55 percent.

The Beacon Projects Group was able to achieve these staggering results utilizing numerous industry-best practices, as well as advanced features and technologies. Double hung, double pane, Low-E windows were installed and all window perimeters sealed with expanding foam insulation. High-density sprayed foam insulation was used within the spaces between wall studs after renovating the plumbing and electrical systems. The same insulation was used in the roofing system for an R-42 value. The basement slab and foundation walls were insulated using rigid board for R-19 and R-10 ratings respectively.

The home’s mechanical systems were also upgraded, including the installation of an advanced geothermal heat pump to replace the antiquated radiators and an under-floor radiant heating system was also put in place. Finally, the geothermal system was used to augment the hot water system to provide further energy and cost savings.