A New Jersey Owners Representative Represents The Owner Of A Project

A New Jersey Owners Representative Represents The Owner Of A Project

A New Jersey Owners Representative Represents The Owner Of A Project

Without an independent advocate to protect your interests, your construction project is at risk for unexpected change orders, costs, and delays that can quickly get out of control! As a New Jersey Owners Representative, The Beacon Projects Group will provide a review and analysis of your unique project. Our expertise allows us to strike a balance between your expectations and what can realistically be achieved with respect to quality, available budget, and schedule.

Our owner’s representative in New Jersey provides an in-depth understanding of all aspects of the construction process. We provide owners and developers with expert, independent advocacy at every stage of the planning, design, and construction process. Our years of experience acting as an owner’s representative in New Jersey will help to ensure that you get the best building for your investment.


A New Jersey Owners Representative Understands Local Zoning Regulations, Building and Health Codes

Our team of experienced professionals has extensive experience assisting in building projects, including the following aspects necessary to a successful outcome:

  • Planning
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Project management

In addition to our expertise in these traditional issues of construction, our in-depth knowledge in the areas of technology, scheduling, proper purchasing of materials, financial oversight, and accounting provide you with capabilities not typically found among other construction-oriented professionals. These attributes enable us to bring a higher level of quality and understanding to your job.

Our owner’s representative in New Jersey has a proven understanding of the types of global issues that arise during any construction job, and we proudly bring this experience to your project. Although we approach project management with sensitivity to conflict resolution that promotes win-win solutions for all parties involved in your project, we recognize that in the end, our duty is to you and your best interests.

With building activity in several areas of the state, our owner’s representative in New Jersey is familiar with local zoning regulations, building, and health codes for all types of construction projects. Strong knowledge of the new flood zones designated after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy along the Jersey shore is another benefit we provide.

Please look over our photo gallery to see some examples of the many owners that The Beacon Projects Group has helped with their projects. From new home construction to the expansion and renovation of shopping centers, we have been involved in many different kinds of projects throughout the state and beyond.

Please contact The Beacon Projects Group for additional information on the services we provide as a New Jersey Owners Representative. We look forward to discussing your next project!