Working with a Massachusetts Owners Representative Has Great Benefits

Enlist the Services of a Massachusetts Owners Representative for Your Project So You can Focus on the Future

canstockphoto18047198When you have an idea for a new construction project, it’s often difficult to see past your vision of the finished product. Expectations have a tendency to cloud project owners’ understandings of exactly how many different elements lie between concepts and completions. Countless industrialists have found themselves overwhelmed in the midst of seeking out architects and engineers to get their projects underway. By the time hiring general contractors and subcontractors comes into play, many realize they’ve bitten off a bit more than they could conceivably chew. At The Beacon Projects Group, we’re well aware of the issues project owners face, and our Massachusetts Owners Representative is here to help bridge the gap.

We’re Your All-Inclusive Solution

Ordinarily, you’d have to secure a number of overseers, with each one leaving the scene at a critical juncture in your project’s development. Our company was founded with this dilemma in mind. We bring you the tools and resources necessary to complete your construction project regardless of its size or nature. We’re a Massachusetts Construction Management company offering you services well beyond those of a typical project manager, including:

  • Providing estimates on overall budgets as well as costs pertaining to individual aspects of a project
  • Carrying out feasibility studies to determine if proposed development plans are able to be completed within a specific budget and capable of generating an acceptable ROI
  • Developing construction and cost estimate schedules as well as models, highlighting target dates throughout the development process
  • Coordinating project-related environmental studies and preparing site selection analyses
  • Working with regulatory agencies at local, state, and federal levels to resolve potential compliance issues
  • Providing constructability review services to eliminate time and expense issues throughout the course of a project
  • Obtaining bids from subcontractors and advising project owners on most suitable candidates for the job
  • Monitoring progress on all levels of a project
  • Overseeing and managing all stages of the construction project
  • Conducting inspections during crucial phases of a construction project
  • Acting as an advocate for project owners and other professionals involved in a project’s completion
  • Prioritizing project components
  • Managing both skilled and unskilled labor
  • Protecting clients from contract defaults
  • Resolving disputes among contractors and subcontractors

A Massachusetts Owners Representative Understands Local Zoning Regulations, Building and Health Codes

While our team has the training and qualifications to excel in all those areas, we also offer considerable experience in our field. We’re fully versed in local, state, and federal building and health codes as well as all zoning regulations potentially applying to your project. We provide services above and beyond individual construction professionals, effectively combining all the essentials into a single agency.

Let Us Focus on the Present, so You can Focus on the Future

Unless you place your entire life on hold for the sake of a single venture, you can’t be physically present for the duration of your construction project. As an Owners representative in Massachusetts, we stand in on your behalf. Our team is your advocate, representing your best interests in every phase of the process. The result is a project completed on time and within budget. Furthermore, we strive to ensure the finished project meets or exceeds your expectations.

Our portfolio consists of numerous projects completed throughout the state, and we look forward to bringing the benefit of our experience and expertise to your next venture. From overseeing initial planning and design to resolving conflicts among subcontractors when the job site begins to get crowded, place your project in our hands. Contact The Beacon Projects Group to learn more about how we take Construction Management in MA to the next level. Whether your plans involve the construction of a single new home, a multi-level office complex, or an entire industrial park, we’ll cover all the intricacies so you can look ahead to your next big project.