What Does a Certified Construction Manager Do?

Certified Construction Manager
It would be a lot easier to list what a Certified Construction Manager (CMM) doesn’t do on a project than to discuss the responsibilities of a CMM. Leading a construction project successfully to the finish line requires someone with a never-ending thirst for knowledge and a depth of practical experience in all aspects of construction Read more....
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How Does Hiring a Connecticut CMAA Construction Manager Benefit You?

Connecticut CMAA Construction Manager
It’s been said that a construction project can succeed or fail because of two criteria: adequate funding and the experience and knowledge of the construction manager. Choosing the best construction manager for the project is critical. A CMMA Construction Manager has the proven skills needed for the successful completion of the project. It’s often recommended Read more....
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Choosing a Darien CT Construction Project Management Firm

Darien CT Construction Project Management Firm
When you begin the process of starting a new construction project in Darien, Connecticut one of the things that you will find out is that there are a great number of decisions and responsibilities that will be involved. Hiring the right Darien CT construction project management firm is paramount. Of course, you could try to manage Read more....
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An Energy Audit in Cos Cob CT For Businesses Can Produce Energy Savings

energy audit in cos cob CT
With the cost of energy on the rise, residents in Connecticut and the Cos Cob area should consider an energy audit in Cos Cob CT to improve energy efficiency of their home or business. Having an audit run on your home or business by a professional once or twice a year should be part of your home’s Read more....
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How Feasibility Schedules Can Help Your Fairfield County Construction Project

Fairfield County Construction Project
If you are getting together a plan for a Fairfield County construction project, then there is a great deal that you will need to think about. It is important that you have everything planned out before you even begin the project so that you will not have to deal with problems or unexpected situations. For Read more....
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An Experienced, Effective Construction Expert Witness in MA

Construction Expert Witness in MA
Construction can be complicated, and construction-related legal cases are often even more so. When legal disputes involving construction arise, whether because of a failed project, an on-the-job accident, or another matter, lawyers on both sides will often call in expert witnesses who are involved with construction in Massachusetts. Drawing on experience, technical skills, and other Read more....
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Green-Aware Construction Management Delivers Concrete Benefits to Owners

Construction Management
Green-Aware Construction Management can do a lot more than confer LEED certification and the associated bragging rights. Greening a construction project will cut operating costs for owners and deliver real benefits to users with everything from access to natural light to improved air quality and thermal control. The Beacon Projects Group makes the identification of opportunities Read more....
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Energy Audits in Boston MA Help Keep Building Efficiency High

energy audits in boston MA
Regular energy audits in Boston MA keep costs down and efficiency high throughout the life-cycle of any building. By consistently staying on top of energy-related issues, problems are spotted quickly and addressed before the associated costs can mount. Making regular use of energy auditing also allows for the seizing of new opportunities as technological advances Read more....
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Benefits of Hiring An Owners Representative in Westchester New York

owner's representative in Westchester New York
An owner’s representative in Westchester New York will see to it that a client’s interests are protected and pursued through every phase of a construction or fit-out project. Hiring a Beacon Projects Group owner’s rep means gaining access to experience, skills, and dedication that will help ensure project success. While the world of construction can Read more....
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The Value of a Stamford Cost Consulting Company

Stamford Cost Consulting Company
Starting a construction project can be stressful in so many ways. One of the biggest stressful issues would be cost. You may not have a good idea of how much the budget should be for your project. You may think what your budget should be, but you may find that it is unrealistic. You may Read more....
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