Bid Leveling Construction Projects in CT

Bid Leveling Construction Projects in CT

Bid Leveling Construction Projects in CT is competitive bidding and one of the traditional ways that contractors and subcontractors are selected for construction projects in Connecticut. Bids are generally solicited from equally capable contractors based on a set of drawings and specifications prepared by an architect. Bid breakdowns by trade are generally required, for example, individual costs such as for site work and excavations, foundations, framing, roofing, electrical, etc. have to be identified as do the start and completion dates, among others. Comparing bids then requires careful analysis to determine which contractor’s services will be the best fit for your project.

Bid Tab Analysis and Bid Leveling in Connecticut

Bid tab analysis and bid leveling are two parts of the same bid comparison process.

1.  A bid tab analysis is a spreadsheet with a list of trades in the left column – site work and foundations, for example – and the costs each of the bidding contractors has for each of those trades in subsequent columns. For example, Sitework: Bidder A has $5,000, Bidder B has $5,200, Bidder C has $4,500, etc.; Foundations: Bidder A has $15,000, Bidder B has $15,200, Bidder C has $14,500, etc. The list of trades is expanded to include items such as general conditions (insurances and the like), unit prices, allowances, addenda, the lump-sum bid (if appropriate) and other project-specific items. The sum of each contractor’s trade costs, general conditions, and project-specific items should add up to its lump-sum bid price. If not, all the costs that contractor submitted have to be verified. Frequently, the contractors’ bids are not congruent and not directly comparable because of some caveat, exclusion, or issue that requires clarification.

2.  Bid leveling is that clarification. It identifies all items that are not included in each contractor’s bid. Clarifications that contractors subsequently submit are added to their respective list of costs. The totals for each contractor should then be, dollar-for-dollar, directly comparable. What’s left then is the evaluation of schedule and other project-specific conditions. It just may be that, for your project, the contractor with the best price might not be the best choice. Rather, the contractor with the best schedule might. And you have all the information to make that determination.

Selecting the Contractor(s) Best Suited to Your Project

Bid Leveling Construction Projects in CT by selecting contractors and subcontractors best suited for your building requires careful consideration. The Beacon Projects Group can assist you with that selection.

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