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Expert Witness in Somerville MA

Expert Witness in Somerville MA

What is an Expert Witness in Somerville MA?

In Somerville, MA an expert witness is a person who is a specialist in a particular subject or industry. An expert witness presents his or her opinion without having been a witness to any occurrence relating to the particular lawsuit or case. An expert witness may be asked to testify when he or she can provide valuable insight to a case.

Often called to provide a deposition at trial, construction expert witnesses are regarded as leaders in their field. During construction litigation, an expert witness may be called to review exhibits, present testimony in court, and provide relevant insight about the facts surrounding a particular case. Construction expert witnesses may also called upon to analyze financial data after a construction project has been completed or to provide testimony regarding local building codes.

Should I Hire an Expert Witness for My Case?

Hiring an expert witness may increase your chances of a favorable outcome during construction claims and litigation. If you are a project manager, building owner, construction manager, or attorney, you can trust us for expert witness testimony.

When you choose to hire our expert witness, you are making a choice to work with some of the country’s premier construction experts. Our unmatched insight and understanding of construction practices is why we are often the first choice for attorneys, architects, property owners, and contractors looking for a construction expert witness.

Construction expert witnesses from The Beacon Projects Group offer a unique perspective that is hard to duplicate. Unlike many other construction expert witnesses, we are active in the commercial and residential building industry each and every day. Since our company’s main source of income is not acquired from our expert witness services, we offer a credible and unbiased opinion during litigation.

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