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The Importance of Construction Pictures

The Importance of Construction Pictures

Any construction project is a complex undertaking, since many different activities are performed by a variety of contractors that need to be effectively managed. Because of this, pictures should be taken before, during, and after any project. Construction pictures provide a detailed record of all aspects of a project. Taking pictures also makes sure that things are done according to plan and specifications.

Proper documentation is important in the construction industry as a way to reduce risk and minimize liability. Because of this, thorough documentation is critical when mounting a legal defense against any claims or lawsuits that may occur. In the event of legal action, you may be required to have evidence of the exact circumstances that surround a dispute.

The Importance of Construction Pictures to Limit Potential Liability

Because construction pictures limit potential liability, you should take pictures before, during, and after the construction process. You should also keep clear, concise notes regarding any dispute to provide a written record that can be located if and when it is needed. Plus, pictures may limit the extent of liability in the event that a judgment is awarded.

Remember- cameras don’t discriminate. Your camera will record whatever appears before the lens. Protect yourself by quickly scanning the background before taking a photo. Plus, it’s important to routinely review photos on your camera and on your computer before including photos in your project record.

With the popularity of tablets, mobile devices, and smart phones, it’s easier than ever before to take and properly use construction pictures. Every project owner and contractor should regularly take pictures of the job, showing before, during, and after workmanship.


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