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Energy Audits in Fairfield CT Can Save Residents On Monthly Bills

Energy Audits in Fairfield CT Can Save Residents On Monthly Bills

Residents of Fairfield Connecticut that don’t want to suffer from increased energy costs and high monthly payments should seriously consider energy audits in Fairfield CT.Over time, it’s common for homeowners and business owners alike to find their energy bills gradually increasing. While this seems like a normal occurrence for many properties, this can also be an indication that there is room for improvement in the structure. What many nearby homeowners and business owners don’t realize is that there are many benefits of energy audits. In Fairfield, CT, energy audits can diagnose issues that can be affecting energy costs and bills.

Typical Energy Audits in Fairfield CT Include All of the Following Tasks:

• Thorough Visual Inspection
• Insulation Measuring
• Examination of Appliances & Air Systems
• Check for Leaks
• Test Window Performance
• Blower Door Test


By gauging the efficiency of a home using a audit, homeowners and business owners are able to make necessary repairs, replacements, and installations that offer impressive advantages like lower monthly utility costs and much more. These energy audits take a comprehensive look at the whole structure, meaning that all features related to energy efficiency can be enhanced and improved.

 Additional Benefits of  Professional Energy Audits in Fairfield CT

• Lower Monthly Bills
• Increase Property Value
• Improve Resale Marketability
• Uncover Hidden Issues
• Protect Environment


The Beacon Projects Group  has been assisting home owners and Connecticut business owners since 1994 in all aspects of Construction management. Acting on behalf of the owner as an Owners Representative the Beacon Projects Group will manage the construction project with you, the owner, in mind first and foremost. If you reside in Fairfield CT or any of the surrounding towns, please contact the Beacon Projects Group today for a professional energy audit.

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Trends in Green Building Design in Connecticut

While green building design hasn’t always been at the forefront of the construction industry in Connecticut, this is changing rapidly. Construction companies that have been resistant to these practices are quickly adopting trends in green building design.

In both the residential and commercial building industry, builders are searching for ways to minimize their carbon footprint. While buildings that are more energy and water efficient are among some of the industry’s most frequently used green building trends, there are a variety of ways to design a more energy-efficient building.

Trends in green building design in Connecticut include:

• Solar Panels. Newly-constructed residential and commercial buildings are taking advantage of the benefits of solar power. As more people look for alternative sources of energy, the use of solar panels is expected to increase.
• Water Conservation. Rainwater capture systems and other practices to reduce water use and improve water efficiency are starting to become more prevalent in many residential and commercial construction projects.
• Recycled Materials. Green building design often extends to materials used during construction. While recyclable materials have been used for years, their use is expected to increase in the upcoming years.

Since trends in green building are becoming more popular around the world, many construction companies will continue to explore the use of eco-friendly materials and processes.

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The Role of a Construction Project Manager?

What is the role of a construction project manager? A construction project manager has the responsibility of planning a construction job and overseeing its progress. Read more about some of the responsibilities of a construction project manager during a residential or commercial project.

1. To evaluate how and when a job will be performed, a construction project manager needs to plan the work that will be performed before the first nail is even hammered. This is of the utmost importance, since this is when a deliverables schedule will be created. This deliverables schedule serves as a road map which needs to be followed to keep the project on a timely schedule and work performed in a cost-effective manner.

2. Not only is a construction project manager responsible for planning the work; they are responsible for overseeing those who perform the work. The construction project manager is responsible for hiring, firing, and supervising construction workers.

3. A construction project manager needs to gather the equipment and supplies necessary to effectively complete a job. This portion of the project requires an extremely keen and thorough touch, since costs need to be kept within budget and downtime needs to be minimized.

4. The construction project manager needs to keep the owner of the project informed as to the progress and any issues that arise along the way. For example, if an issue arises that may cause construction delays, the project owner needs to be informed of any issues and lay out any adjustments that will need to be made.

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Home Energy Audits in Norwalk CT

In Norwalk, home energy audits can make your home more energy efficient by assessing the amount of energy your home uses and identifying the steps you should take to improve efficiency. Learn more about how The Beacon Projects Group performs home energy audits in Norwalk, CT to lower utility bills, increase energy efficiency, and improve the comfort level of your house.

While it may be common for homeowners to experience increased utility costs during certain months of the year, these increased energy bills can also be a sign that your home’s energy efficiency may be able to be improved. Homeowners looking for a reprieve from high utility bills should contact The Beacon Projects Group for home energy audits in Norwalk.

A professional and experienced energy auditor from our office can use a variety of equipment and techniques to evaluate the energy efficiency of your house.

Typical home energy audits in Norwalk, CT may include:
• Examination of Appliances
• Insulation Measuring
• Checking for Areas of Air Infiltration
• Test Window Performance
• Blower Door Test

In Norwalk, home energy audits take a complete and comprehensive look at your entire structure, which means that all aspects related to energy efficiency can be enhanced and improved. By gauging the energy efficiency of your home, you will be able to make the necessary repairs that result in lower monthly energy costs.

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